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Kelly Family

Our Story

Michael and Brittany Kelly always wanted to go into business together. The husband-and-wife team call themselves “serial entrepreneurs” and had the drive to make their dream a reality over many breakfasts at their favorite Waffle House. With a five-year plan and a dream in hand, they were finally ready to move forward.

It all started when Michael began his real estate career as Copper Dwelling With Allen Tate Realtors and when Brittany launched Copper Dwelling & Design as an interior design firm. That firm now includes a real estate division and a retail store: The Mercantile.

A Message From Michael and Brittany…

“We decided that design and real estate are our passions. They’re in our blood from both sides of our families and what we’ve always enjoyed. Our hopes are to start this company and that our daughters can grow up in it and love it just as much as we do. With that said, there will always be growing pains, and we will need the support of our friends, family, and community. We are nothing without you! Thank you to the hundreds of people who have walked with us down our path in life. We are so lucky.”

Brittany & Michael Kelly

Owners of The Mercantile

Kelly Family
Mercantile Kitchen Section

If Walls Could Talk…

We are committed to sourcing the best gifts and home décor and creating a fun and immersive retail experience. Stop in often to explore our new favorite brands and products.

The Mercantile and the headquarters of Copper Dwelling + Design are located in two different Historic Warehouses on White Street, now a hub for local shopping and events.