Meet the Team

Brittany Kelly

Brittany Kelly

Brittany Kelly is the co-owner and Queen Mother of The Mercantile. Brittany is by far one of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet. She loves seeing dreams come true while building up her community.

Besides doing pretty much everything, Brittany is especially skilled with the gift of design. She uses her gifts to create beautiful displays at our store. She always makes the effort to move around the store each quarter, reimagine our space, and allow our community to engage with our space in a whole new way. Sometimes she accomplishes that with a product; sometimes it’s through an event or art installation.

Her favorite animal is a dog because no matter what happens they love you unconditionally and make you feel like you’re the only person that matters! Her favorite hobby and activity outside of work are redesigning spaces both inside and out. Brittany’s favorite section of the store is our pillows and home decor. She says if she had more room, she’d love to set up rooms where each thing could be displayed as if it were in your house!

A fun fact about Brittany is that when she puts her mind to something, she ALWAYS figures out a way to get it done, no matter what.

Michael Kelly

Meet Mr. Mercantile, aka Michael Kelly, aka our co-owner! Like Brittany, Michael wears many hats. Whether it’s being Principle of virtual school for the Kelly kids, selling a house, or building us a new display, this guy can get it done!

For Michael, the store is a culmination of everything he and Brittany loves. He loves that he’s been able to select products he feels passionate about. You always know when a new product that Michael ordered comes in because he’ll be sure to tell you every detail about why it’s the best.

Michael loves seeing our team be able to branch out into their special skills and create. He loves getting to facilitate growth in our team! He loves our team because he knows we all practice the same golden rule, this is a store for everyone.

Michael doesn’t have a favorite animal, but he does love Bill Murray. His favorite activity outside of work is completing his “Honey Do” list. Michael says he has no favorite section of the store because the entire store is too great.

A fun fact about Michaal is that he’s an Ordained Dudeist Priest.

“We make the best dysfunctional family ever and you can’t have them. They’re mine. THIS IS The Mercantile FAMILY!”

– Owner, Brittany Kelly

Alexis Oliva

Alexis is one of our full time team members here at The Mercantile! Alexis is absolutely wonderful at connecting with customers to create a positive environment for everyone. She’s also obsessed with organizing and setting up new displays. Alexis helps us with planning and making all of our team’s schedules. She has incredible calligraphy skills and we take advantage of getting her to make anything chalkable beautiful! Need something cute off that top shelf? No worries, Alexis is your girl!

Alexis loves being part of the Mercantile team because she says Brittany and Michael inspire her everyday. The positive and loving environment that they have crafted is revitalizing to Alexis. She says she loves that they see potential in all of us and strive everyday to push us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Alexis says her favorite animal is an owl because she resonates with the wisdom, power, and freedom an owl resembles! Her favorite activity outside of work is practicing her music. Alexis can actually play 4 instruments (mediocrely), and sing! She loves being in nature and surrounded by great people. Working with plants is a huge part of her daily life as well. Her favorite section of the store is the textile/pillow area near the front. She adores the mantle, all the textiles, and home decor.
A fun fact about Alexis is that she can make a mean almond milk flat white.

Erin Anderson

Erin is one of our full time team members at The Mercantile! Erin uses her own experience in Virtual Assistant work and entrepreneurship to help out with all things marketing here at the store. She runs our social media accounts, plans our events, and schedules workshops and food trucks! She likes to joke that she’s essentially Brittany’s personal assistant, helping her complete any and all of Brittany’s new ideas for the store.

Erin loves being a part of The Mercantile team because it’s a nonstop inspiring environment to be a part of. She loves being able to showcase her co-workers on Instagram and Facebook! She also has a passion for working in our community, and finds so much joy helping Brittany come up with new community projects to start up or help with.

Her favorite animal is an elephant because they are wise, emotional, and loyal animals. A healthy and positive group dynamic is very important for Erin, so she loves the way elephants stick with their group, protect one another, and mourn for each other. Her favorite activities outside of work are walking her big fluffy dog named Bear, spending time outside and manifesting new ideas with friends. Her favorite section of the store is the gag gift section because she loves our giggle-worthy products.

A fun fact about Erin is that she lived in Germany for almost 6 years!

Ayesha Murphy

Ayesha Murphy

Ayesha is our MercEMPOWER entrepreneur at The Mercantile. She runs an organic skin care company named Beary Sensitive. For more information on Ayesha’s store, click here. Ayesha uses her experience with her own skin to guide her in her work. Her skin formulation allows her to understand and empathize with the problems of her customers. By connecting with her customers in this way, she can help them make the best choice for their skin care needs.

Ayesha says she loves working on The Mercantile time because the entire crew is so warm and loving. She says they’re a cool bunch to talk to and be around. She also loves how much they support her and her shop when she’s there and even when she isn’t.

Ayesha’s favorite animal is a cheetah! Her favorite things to do outside of her day job and side hustle is watching basketball and sewing. Ayesha’s favorite section of the store is the flower section. She says it’s impossible not to love them when they’re out together so nicely and smelling so good.

A fun fact about Ayesha is that she loves to dance! When she finds herself in a group, she tends to encourage others to do the same. You’ll never catch Ayesha posted up on the wall.

Stacey Whitman

Stacey Whitman

Stacey is one of our full-time team members here at The Merc! If you’ve been to The Mercantile any time during the week, you know Stacey. Stacey loves talking and getting to know our customers. She loves to chat while helping people find that special gift. Some may say she talks too much, but we love that about Stacey.

Stacey says she loves working on The Mercantile team because she gets to work with some amazing people. Plus, it’s the best shop in Rock Hill, what’s not to love? Stacey plain out just loves her job and her Mercantile people!

Stacey has two favorite animals. She says her basic answer would be dogs, but sloths are ridiculously cute! She loves that they’re easy-going, laid back, and always smiling. Stacey’s favorite activity outside of work is, believe it or not, socializing! She loves spending time with her family and friends! When she’s tired out from socializing she and her husband love to binge watch some Netflix. Stacey’s favorite section of the store is our “gag” section. She loves laughing at all our fun stuff, especially the hand towels with sayings.

A fun fact about Stacey is that she used to be a third-grade teacher!

Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly is our wonderful in house artist. She’s also the beautiful Mother of our owner, Michael! Mary sees it as a pleasure to assist customers who are looking for the perfect accent piece or framed artwork. She offers creative solutions for problem spaces, as well as selecting that ideal gift for someone special.

Mary loves working on The Mercantile team because she feels we are a very congenial group. She says all of us will step up to whatever the task at hand requires, with the overall goal of making our customers feel welcome, appreciated and satisfied.

Mary’s favorite animals are Cairn Terriers because they are certifiably NUTS! Her favorite hobby outside of work is getting happily lost in painting landscapes, both real and imagined. Mary’s favorite section of the store is our textiles, ceramics and flower bar. She says they never fail to inspire her!

A fun fact about Mary is that she’ll never say no to a Tootsie Roll, just saying.

Deonte Streeter

Deonte Streeter

Deonte is CEO of StreetView Videography and one of our incredible team members! He was originally contracted out as our videographer but quickly became a member of our team. Deonte uses his gift of telling and sharing stories to create awesome video content for The Merc. His vision and creativity help share the heart of our store with our community through incredible commercials, interviews, and videos.

Deonte says he loves working on the Mercantile Team because it’s honestly just a vibe! He believes in Brittany and Michael’s vision for our city, he feels like he can work while also standing for social justice, which you can’t find everywhere. Deonte also just loves our employees here! He says everyone is super friendly and loving.

His favorite animal is a wolf because they represent bravery and wisdom. Community means alot to Deonte, so he admires how wolves stay in packs. Deonte’s favorite activity outside of work is longboarding, hands down! His favorite section of our store is our men’s bath and body section!

A fun fact about Deonte is that he’s performed several times at the Blumenthal in CLT!

Bella Crook

Bella Crook

Bella is one of our lovely sales girls here at The Mercantile. She is absolutely awesome at making our customers feel comfortable through talking and getting to know them. She feels it helps create a great shopping atmosphere for them. Her goal is to make sure our customers know we actually care about them being here and enjoy getting to know them!

Bella loves working on The Mercantile team because when she comes into work she feels like she’s going to hangout with her friends. She never dreads work because she loves the people she works with. Bella also loves all the incredible things our team does for the community! 

Her favorite animal is Koala because she thinks they’re the cutest things. Her hobbies outside of work are swimming, staying active by going to the gym, and cooking! Bella’s favorite section of our store is our kitchen section! All of the coasters, mugs, plates and glassware are too dreamy for Bella to handle. She says it makes her so excited for when she can actually decorate her own house.

One fun fact about Bella is that she absolutely loves watching crime shows.