How to Decorate with Plants

Tips For Using Plants as Decor

Spring is here and everything is starting to beautifully bloom around town, but unfortunately, we can’t be outside all the time. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t bring some of that relaxing, lush greenery inside with you. Decorating your space with plants is an easy, low-cost and eco-friendly way to add a pop of pizzaz to your home. Here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate your home with plants:

Hang a few macrame plant hangers

Macrame is a trendy type of art made with knotted hemp, and is a great way to add a laid back bohemian flare to your space and to add plants to your home if you don’t have much shelf or table space. You can use macrame knots to create a placeholder for your favorite pots so they can hang from a hook. Check out a craft tutorial to try to make your own if you’re feeling crafty, or pick one up that is pre-made by a local artist and ready to hang.

Sprinkle Succulents around your home

Succulents are another easy plant that adds a cute pop of green to your house. You barely need to water these tiny cacti, and they come in a range of miniature sizes that won’t take up much space. You can place these on tables, bookshelves, bar cart, or wherever you have a few inches of space to spare. Air plants are another great choice for those who don’t have a lot of extra time for plant care–these plants get all the nutrients they need from the air, so you don’t even need to water them.

Stack them on your shelves and mantle

A bright green houseplant can be an adorable book stop, or as a sculptural centerpiece to sit on your mantle. Use houseplants in colorful pots to prop up books or take up empty space around your house. Choose plants with long leaves and stems that dangle off the sides of your shelves and mantle for a more untamed, natural look to your home that will make you feel like you are relaxing in a lush domestic jungle after work.

Add some faux plants

If your home doesn’t have much natural light or you weren’t born with a green thumb, it can be tricky to keep your plants alive. Save yourself the stress and add some faux foliage to your abode. From dried faux plant clippings and flowers that you can style in a vase, to full sized house plants, these faux plants won’t fade when you forget to water them–and no one has to know they’re fake!

Bring home some cut blooms

A freshly cut bouquet of flowers makes it feel like springtime all year round. Pluck a bloom from our flower bar to put in an empty glass bottle to add an easy pop of color to your vanity, desk or nightstand or treat yourself to a whole bouquet to brighten up your whole room.

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