Finding the Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

The Best and most beautiful Flowers for Valentine’s Day

You never need an excuse to pick up flowers but picking up a bouquet or two (or three) on Valentine’s Day is an excellent way to show your sweetheart, friends, family that you love and appreciate them–and you can always treat yourself too. Since bouquets are one of the most popular gifts for this holiday, it’s smart to plan ahead and put in your order early to make sure that there are fresh blossoms on hand by the time V-day rolls around.

We’ve put together a guide to some of the best Valentine’s flowers around that you can use to pick a bouquet that is as unique and special as your loved one. After you’re finished picking up your perfect bunch from the flower bar, don’t forget to follow these tips to help your fresh flowers last longer so you and your sweethearts will be able to enjoy these Valentine’s blooms as long as possible.


Red roses have been traditionally considered one of the most romantic Valentine’s day flowers for thousands of years–the ancient Greeks even believed that these long red stems came from the goddess of love herself–but the best roses for Valentine’s day are the one that suit your recipient’s personality best.

This classically elegant flower comes in many different shades, each with a unique meaning:

Yellow roses: Joy, happiness and friendship.
Peach roses: Cheer and gratitude.
Pink roses: Grace, happiness and sweetness.
White roses: Youthfulness and innocence.
Lavender roses: Enchantment and mystery.
Multi-colored roses: Joy and happiness.

While a handful of single-color roses is always a stunning gift, combining a few roses in a multi-color bouquet with different flower types is a great way to personalize your Valentine’s flowers.


Delicate and easy on your wallet, carnations are a typical pick for bouquets. These ruffled flowers are long-lasting, come in almost any color you can imagine and work well as accents for virtually any bunch of blooms.


With a cute, round shape and delicate petals, each Anemone bloom looks like a work of art. These perky flowers are a great pick for a more modern-minded Valentine that prefers fun and novelty to classical romantic tropes. Pair a few stems with roses for one of the best blends of new and old romantic traditions.


These lush, oversized balls of tiny blooms grow in shades of blue, purple, pink and white and traditionally represent extravagance and sincere emotion. Hydrangea flowers are playful and elegant at the same time. Hydrangea stems can stand on their own as a classically beautiful bouquet, or add a unique pop to a mix of different flowers in a bunch.


Bright, bold and fun, a bouquet of sunflowers is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Sunflowers are the perfect flower for those with big personalities, friends and family, or a sweetheart who typically prefers more untraditional romantic antics. Mix bright yellow sunflowers with smaller purple or red flowers for a unique combination your loved one will adore.


White and yellow daisies represent happiness and friendship, but these cheery and bright flowers could be a romantic gift for a love that prefers a classic and happy wildflower-like bloom. Gerbera daisies are a larger variety of daisy that grow in a wide range of bright hues such as white, yellow, orange, red, and pink and can add a vibrant pop of color and personality to any bouquet.


Dramatic, sophisticated and fragrant, lilies make a big statement and are a perfect pick for the showstoppers in your life. These flowers traditionally represent beauty and grow in shades of purple, white, pink, red and orange.


In the Victorian era, tulips were gifted as a declaration of love. Today, these sweet, simple flowers are romantic, cheerful reminders that spring is just around the corner. Red, yellow, pink and purple tulip options are perfect to mix and match in virtually any bouquet.

Don’t forget greenery

Adding a bit of greenery and filler flowers adds professional-level polish to your bouquet with only minimal effort. Elevate your bunch by tucking a few sprigs of leafy greens, such as fern, ivy, eucalyptus or lemon leaf, or tiny flowers such as baby’s breath, poms or delphinium to add structure and flair to your finished product.

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