Cigar Etiquette and Traditions

Cigar etiquette and traditions

Smoking cigars has been a tradition to celebrate fun occasions or simply unwind with friends since the mid-18th century in the USA. Over the centuries, many traditions and a form of etiquette has developed around the practice of smoking cigars. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar aficionado or just interested in lighting one up for the first time, here are tips to help you follow cigar etiquette that has been developed through the ages so you can impress your crew and smoke like the classy gentleman or lady that you are.

Bring a cigar cutter and a lighter

You need to cut off the cap, or closed end of your cigar before you start smoking. Plan ahead and bring a cigar cutter with you, or borrow one from a friend if you don’t have time to grab one before. If you try to cut the cap off with a Swiss army knife or other sharp object, you won’t be able to cut the cigar as cleanly, which means that in addition to looking like an amateur, you’ll lose tobacco and your cigar won’t burn evenly as you smoke. Also, don’t forget to bring your own lighter so you don’t have to bum one.

Light your cigar evenly

When you light your cigar, don’t directly set your cigar on fire.Hold the cigar about half an inch away from your lit lighter and slowly rotate it above the flame. Be patient and soon you’ll see a glowing ring around the end of your cigar that will allow the cigar to burn evenly throughout the evening.

Don’t dip your cigar

Winston Churchhill was famous for dipping his cigar in a glass of brandy between puffs, but you (i’m assuming) are not a famous prime minister and should pass on this habit. Dipping your cigar does nothing to enhance it’s flavor and will get ash in your drink. Your cigar has been crafted by professionals, who designed it to be smoked just as it is for the ideal experience. If you are interested in a whiskey-flavored cigar, there are many infused options available that don’t require dipping.

Watch your ashes

Keep an eye on the end of your cigar, and make sure to gently tap the your cigar off in an ash tray before the ashes drop on their own. The key word here is gently–if you tap your cigar too firmly, ashes may spray across your lap and those of your neighbors.

Don’t stub out the cigar

When you’re finished smoking or taking a break, don’t smash your cigar into the ash tray. This creates a huge mess and releases a very strong odor that the people around you may not enjoy. Instead, sit your lit cigar on the edge of the ashtray and it will go out naturally.

Take care with your half-smoked cigars

Nothing will stink up a purse, glove compartment or room in your house faster than a half smoked cigar left to sit for a few hours. If you absolutely can’t leave your half smoked cigar behind, you store it in a ziploc bag for no more than a day.

Savor the experience

Now that you know the key rules to follow, you’re ready to smoke like a pro and enjoy carrying on the proud tradition of lighting up a cigar. The Mercantile has dozens of cigars to choose from, and our staff will help pick the best ones for you.

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