Wedding Flowers

at The Mercantile

Rock Hill’s Flower Shop

As part of our Flower Bar, The Mercantile offers services for Wedding Flowers and Wedding Bouquets! Our florist will work with you one-on-one to create the bouquet and boutonniere of your dreams. Call us today to place your order or set up a meeting!
Plant bar at The Mercanatile
Sunflowers at The Mercantile

Meet Katherine

Katherine Petke is our florist and plant bar specialist here at The Mercantile. This wonderful woman is in charge of all things green & growing!

If you ever have questions about live plants, need a new house plant, or just want to come give her a big hug, she’s in the shop on Tuesdays-Fridays.

If you recognize her, you may have seen her pottery before. Katherine also hand makes pottery for her business, Black Crow Pottery. If you’re looking for some items, feel free to ask her! She also used to own Downtown Artistry, which she closed down in May of 2021.