Trendy Kitchen Essentials

6 ways to incorporate today’s trends into your kitchen

It’s important to have the right equipment for your kitchen in order to make the festive meals and drinks you love. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or a group, you can brighten up your kitchen, make your meals easier, and presentation far more fun with these helpful tools and dishes on hand.

1. Decorative cutting boards

Leaving a fun shaped cutting board out on your counter is a great way to add an effortless piece of decor to your kitchen. Shaped cutting boards are also great multitaskers–they not only get the job done for your everyday slicing and dicing, but can also double as fun charcuterie boards for your next get-together–just slice up your favorite cheese and meats, arrange them in a pretty pattern, and serve directly from the board.

2. Fun and Funky Plates

Put away the disposable plastic and paper plates and replace them a set of fun and trendy plates! Unique tableware is the perfect way to impress your dinner guests and add an extra touch of style to your kitchen!

3. Measuring cups and spoons

Make sure your favorite recipes come out just right with a set of new measuring cups and spoons. Choose measuring cups and spoons that are not only durable and efficient, but also come in patterns and shapes that are beautiful enough to leave on the counter even when you’re not cooking.

4. Citrus juicers

Sized for oranges, lemons, or limes, a citrus juicer helps you make fresh-squeezed juice quickly, easily and without a mess. Whip out your handy citrus juicer to make the perfect glass of orange juice for breakfast, wrap up the day with homemade margaritas or impress your guests with a scratch-made pitcher of lemonade to share.

5. Playful Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are already at the centerpiece of your kitchen counter or dining room table, so why not have fun with them? From cute and quirky to formal and elegant, round off your kitchen decor with a pair of shakers that matches your unique vibe.

6. Home Barware

Why go out when you can have your favorite cocktails and beverages at home for a fraction of the price? Whether you’re getting dressed up and hosting a patio party with friends, or curling up with a glass of pinot in your pjs, having barware at hand in your kitchen will elevate your sipping experience without much effort. Use a wine aerator or decanter to bring out the best flavors of your wine–sommelier style, and a bottle stopper to save a glass fresh for tomorrow. Shot glasses, corkscrews and fun glasses are other must-haves to replicate your favorite bar experience at home.

Not only do these tools provide an extra touch of pizzaz in your kitchen, they can also make great gifts for the Holidays right around the corner!

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