Top 10 Zero Waste Products


Switching out disposable goods with eco-friendly versions of your favorite products is a great way to help the environment by reducing the amount of waste in landfills. These zero-waste products are also easier on your wallet–you only need to make one investment instead of replacing them every time they fall apart or need to be thrown away. These are our top 10 zero waste products that you can pick up at the Mercantile that are reusable, attractive and budget-friendly additions to your daily routine.

1. The Brumate High Ball ($20)

We all have fond memories of sipping drinks out of red plastic cups at college parties and tailgates, but those cups can wreak havoc on the environment–each cup takes at least 450 years to break down at a landfill or in the ocean. Bring a Brumate High Ball to your next party instead. This insulated refillable cup comes in all your favorite colors and is designed to keep your brew cold and prevent ice from melting and watering down your favorite cocktail.

2. BKIND Shampoo Bar ($14)

The BKIND shampoo bar comes with no packaging, meaning that your purchase doesn’t come wrapped with wasteful trash that will sit at a landfill. This shampoo bar is vegan-friendly, super moisturizing and leaves your hair clean, soft, and smelling like eucalyptus and orange after every wash.

3. Reusable Stainless Steel Straw ($2.50)

Keeping a stainless steel straw in your purse, work bag or silverware drawer will prevent you from throwing out plastic every time you grab a fountain drink and make a smoothie. A stainless steel reusable straw is extremely durable and can be used hundreds of times–making a huge reduction in the amount of waste you produce. Don’t forget to pick up a straw cleaning brush so you can keep your sips sanitary.

4. Dish Washing Soap Block ($16)

Dish soap doesn’t need to come in a squeeze bottle. This block of dish soap gets your dirty dishes squeaky clean without the extra plastic–and you save money by not purchasing the extra packaging.

5. Oil Pulling Mouthwash ($24)

This gluten and alcohol-free mouthwash comes in a reusable glass jar that you can refill and reuse after you’re done swishing. This mouthwash is made with natural herbs, plants and essential oils and the formula is based on Ayurvedic principles. This all-natural mouthwash is suitable for all ages–even little ones that might swallow a mouthful–and those with sensitive teeth.

6. Swedish Cloths ($7)

Swedish cloths are a fun and colorful way to reduce paper waste in your home. Way cuter and more efficient than paper towels, each of these cloths can absorb 20x of their weight. Swedish cloths are also bacteria resistant, but when they get dirty, you can wash them in the dishwasher. When you finally wear out your Swedish cloth, it can have a second life in your garden as compost–each cloth is 100% compostable.

7. Bamboo Dental Floss ($10)

Keeping your teeth clean has never been better for the environment–the OLA 100% natural dental floss is made from eco-friendly mulberry silk, candelilla vegan wax and natural essence of mint, and can be thrown directly into your compost bin after you use it. This floss is also made with recyclable and sustainable packaging that will decompose quickly after you throw it away.

8. Rechargeable Candle Lighter ($36)

Say goodbye to disposable matches and zippo lighters. This rechargeable candle lighter is zero waste–just plug it in when it runs out of juice and it’ll be back in action in no time. The flexible long neck of the lighter also helps prevent burnt fingers when trying to light wicks in narrow candleholders.