Spruce Up Your Blank Walls With Quick and Creative Interior Wall Design Ideas

Living room wall decor ideas

It can be tricky to figure out how to fill a large blank wall space in your home but with a little planning and creativity, you can transform this empty white space into a canvas that will bring your unique style to life.  You can even turn these empty areas in your home into dynamic spaces that are both decorative and functional. We’ve rounded up these fun and easy wall decoration ideas to help you spruce up your empty walls  to suit every budget and personality.

Build a gallery wall

Create a gallery wall by filling the blank wall space in your home with clusters or grids of smaller pictures, photographs, or even three-dimensional pieces that reflect your distinct style. Integrate mementos such as postcards, old maps and hand-drawn images into your gallery wall to add a stylish personal touch to your home decor—just use frames or washi tape to polish them up for a professional and intentional look in your arrangement. You can also use items such as vintage plates, trays, or small sculptural items to add an extra dimension and pop of interesting character to your gallery wall arrangement.

Install floating shelves 

Transform that cumbersome empty wall into a functional and decorative storage space by adding floating shelves. These extra shelves give you more storage space for books, art, houseplants and collectables. Adding this type of additional shelf space to your living room decor allows you to showcase some prized items to guests while also removing clutter from other rooms of the house. You can also easily switch out your ledge shelf decor to suit your mood, making this a way to spruce up your home without committing to a major change.

Showcase your textiles

Hanging a favorite rug, blanket or quilt is a great way to fill empty wall space while adding a cozy texture to your living space. You can repurpose your favorite textiles as wall hangings by putting a curtain rod on your wall and hanging the fabric with clip-style rings. You can also add fiber art-inspired pieces such as macrame or woven tapestries to your wall for a unique and modern look.

Find (or create) original local art

Check out online indie shops, local boutiques, pop-up shops, and local art galleries to shop for one-of-a-kind pieces from regionally-based artists to liven up that empty wall space. If you’ve shopped around and can’t find what you’re looking for, make it yourself! If you need a little creative inspiration, sign up for a local workshop and learn tips and techniques to make your dream piece of art in a fun and laid-back environment.

Add fun furniture 

Placing interesting and decorative furniture against your empty wall is a great way to fill up space while adding a useful element to your bedroom or living room. Setting a stool or bench along the wall will give you an extra place to sit to put on your shoes or set objects. Extra shelves or end tables can be used to house everything from books to art to board games. If you don’t have space for extra furniture, wall hooks are easy to install and useful to both store and display hats, scarves and purses.

Hang mirrors

Hanging a large mirror or multiple smaller reflective surfaces to your empty walls is an easy way to fill and class up empty spaces in your home. These mirrors are more than just another place to check your reflection. Adding reflective elements to your room creates an illusion that the room is bigger. Also, placing mirrors near a light source such as a window or lamp will enhance the brightness of the room.  Additionally, mirrors are great decorating tools if you don’t want to put holes in your walls. You can lean a large mirror against a wall to add a pop to your room without having to break out the toolbox or worry about filling nail holes if you want to change the look of the room later. 

Let’s Get Started!

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