Liven Up Your Living Room with Wax Melts

What’s all the hype around wax melts about?

Even though we love our favorite candles, wax melts and warmers hold a lot of advantages over your traditional candlesticks. Wax melts are pieces of scented and sometimes colored wax that you can use to add extra aroma to your living space. Simply place your wax melts in a wax warmer, which will slowly melt your wax with either electric power or tealights and gently release your selected scent into your room. Keep reading to learn why wax melts are a must-add to your home decor.

Safe & healthy

One advantage to an electric warmer is that you don’t have to mess with matches or a lighter, meaning that your wax melts won’t produce any smoke, soot, or other chemicals released from candles while still providing a soothing ambiance like your favorite candles. As an added bonus-you can take your wax melts to the office or dorm and melt them around kids because they don’t require an open flame.

Stay organized easier

When you buy a package of wax melts, you’re only picking up a small package of compactly shaped wax, which allows you to keep many different scents on hand without eating up your storage or counter space.

Save a few dollars

Since the pool of wax in a wax warmer is melted all at once, wax melts give off their scent more efficiently, allowing for a longer “burn time” compared to an equivalent sized candle. Wax melts burn 5x longer per ounce than their candle counterparts.

Easy clean up

Cleanup is easy with a wax warmer- just wait for the wax to cool and remove with a plastic knife. If the wax is still sticking, just heat it up with a hairdryer, then pour off the wax and use cotton balls to absorb the remainder of your spill.

Mix and match

Not only are wax melts less messy than candles, they allow for more customization and control over your scents. Unlike a candle, most wax melts come in pre-measured pieces to break off to determine how strong of a scent you want. Can’t decide between your two favorite scents? Use smaller amounts to quickly rotate between them, or mix them together to make your own personal scent.

Better for the environment

Because wax melts don’t each come in a separate glass container, they create less waste than candles. The single-use glass container that your candle comes in will take up to a million years to decompose in a landfill, while you can melt hundreds of wax melts in the same wax warmer for up to 4-6 years if you take care of it properly.

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