It’s Not Too Early to Start Thinking About Valentine’s Day Gifts

Thoughtful gift ideas for valentine’s day

No matter how you feel about the holiday, we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is a fun excuse to celebrate with the people in your life and show them that you care. After all, who doesn’t love being surprised with a piece of chocolate, flowers or special treat? We’ve rounded up our top 10 unique, clever and thoughtful gift ideas to share a little love with everyone from your partner or a romantic interest to friends and coworkers.

A Gourmet Meal

Fill up a basket with gourmet foods and treats that you and your sweetheart or friends can cook together for an evening. Have fun preparing and enjoying a decadent meal or snack together. For example, you can gift a cutting board with some fancy cheeses and meats to pull together a restaurant-worthy charcuterie board or bring over a new recipe with some fresh farmers market finds to whip up a nourishing dinner. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine or mixers for some festive cocktails.

Bath Soaps and Salts

Give your Valentine the gift of treating themselves to a cozy night in with an assortment of bath soaps, bath salts, lotions, or other spa-worthy indulgences. Check in with your sweetie to see how you can help get chores out of the way and clear their schedule so they can take a few hours to soak in the tub.

Local Jewelry

Anyone can buy jewelry off the shelf at a department store, so why not wow your sweetheart with a piece of one-of-a-kind wearable art? Check out local boutiques and art markets for handmade accessories made by local artisans at a wide range of price points. Accessories like scarves also make unique decorative gifts.


You can’t go wrong with flowers, one of the most classic Valentine’s gifts of all time. Buying flowers from a flower bar allows you to hand pick the blooms that go into your bouquet, so you can customize your gift to your budget and taste. If floral arrangement isn’t your strong suit, a pre-designed arrangement can always do the trick too.

A Coffee Mug

For those who prefer presents on the practical side, a coffee mug is a sweet and useful gift that will inspire the recipient to think of you every time they go to get another cup of coffee or tea. Choose a funny mug to make them giggle, or one with a graphic, design or quote that suits their personality. A high-quality travel mug will also be appreciated by those who take their morning joe on-the-go.

Baked Goods

If you want to do something thoughtful for a group of girlfriends or your favorite coworkers, bringing a batch of your favorite baked goods is a great way to brighten everyone’s day. You can whip them up yourself in the kitchen or pick up a dozen muffins or cookies from a local bakery if you’re short on time.

Graphic Tees

A perfect gift for a partner who isn’t a classic romantic, graphic tees are soft and versatile additions to any wardrobe and are available with different designs, slogans and colors to suit every personality.

A night out at a new local spot

If your sweetie would prefer an experience over a typical present, stock up on a few gift cards to new local restaurants, breweries or gift shops and spend an afternoon as a tourist in your own city. Could spend a day or evening eating, drinking, or wandering through Old Town Rock Hill and discover some new favorite hangout or shopping spots right in your backyard.

No matter who you’re buying a gift for this Valentine’s Day, these thoughtful and clever gifts will be sure to make your significant other feel special and loved!

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