How to Style an Accent Chair

Ways to accessorize your accent chair

Aside from adding a fun pop of color and texture to your home, an accent chair is a great way to upgrade the function of extra spaces on your home. A funky accent chair is the perfect way to make your home office cozy and inviting, turn a spare bedroom into a comfortable reading nook, or just have an extra spot to slip your shoes on before you run out the door. Follow these steps to make the most of this versatile (and underestimated) piece of home decor.

Finding the perfect placement

First, find the perfect place for your accent chair in your house. Consider adding an accent chair to these areas of the house:

  • Home office – An accent chair is a great place for visitors to sit if they visit you “at work” and makes your remote office space feel more professional and fun.
  • Hallway – Fill up that extra space with a fun and functional chair that you can perch on while you tie your shoes or check your texts before you head out for the day. Bedroom – Cozying up with a book and cup of tea in a funky chair is a great way to start or end your day.
  • Living room – That extra accent chair could be the finishing touch of interior design polish that your living room needs and adds a little extra seating and storage.
  • Guest room – Make your visitors feel like they are staying in a boutique hotel by adding a chic and modern accent chair to your guest room.

Accessorize with pillows

Tossing a throw pillow or two (or more!) on top of your accent chair is a fun way to express yourself and add some easy flair. Whether you’re looking for something vibrant, subtle or funny, there are plenty of options to choose from at The Mercantile! Pillows will also make your chair a little cozier if you want to cuddle up.

Add a side table

Aside from being a place to set your book and favorite coffee mug, a unique side table draws the eyes toward your accent chair and the space around it. Choose from matching or contrasting colors and textures for your table to bring out the vibrance of your accent chair or create a theme for your space.

Set the tone with a rug or floor mat

Spruce up those bare floors by placing a rug under your accent chair and nearby furniture. The Mercantile has fluffy, soft carpeting to make your space extra cozy and organic material rugs, such as jute or flax, to help you create a more natural vibe.

Top with a blanket

Layer cozy and decorative blankets on top of your accent chair to add extra texture and pizzaz to your chair. Woven textiles can add a unique look and turn your accent furniture into a work of art, while your favorite fuzzy blanket will make your chair a welcoming spot to curl up.

Shop Accent Chair Accessories at The Mercantile

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