Homemade Wedding Decoration Ideas

Express your artistic side with homemade wedding decor

Planning your wedding decor doesn’t need to feel expensive and overwhelming. You can easily save a few bucks and have fun creating unique looks by incorporating a few homemade wedding decorations. You can round up a few friends and host a craft night to have some help, or unwind from the stress of wedding planning on your own by expressing your artistic sides by making these pieces before your wedding day. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tips and projects to help create budget-friendly and extra-instagrammable wedding decorations to customize the look of your ceremony and reception spaces.

Arrange your own bouquets

Make one of a kind arrangements to put around tables or your ceremony space by handpicking blooms from our flower bar. Choose from more timeless classic flowers or modern vibrant blooms to suit the mood and personality of your event. You can put the flowers in vases for a polished look, or use vintage glassware or mason jars to further customize the feel of your flora.

Weave your own flower crowns

After you’re done arranging the bouquets, don’t forget to grab a few other flowers to make unique flower crowns for your wedding party, or even for your guests. Flower crowns will add a photogenic boho-flair to everyone who wears one and will make each guest feel special that you made a one-of-a-kind natural headpiece just for them.

Turn mirrors into gorgeous signage

By using glass markers, you can draw on mirrors from boutiques, thrift stores, or your walls at home to make with chalk or window markers to make beautiful signs for your wedding day. Enlist a friend with great handwriting or watch a few YouTube videos to brush up on your calligraphy skills and write straight on the mirror to make signs that show people where to sit, where to sign the guest book or where to grab a drink. After your wedding day, you can simply wipe off the mirror with a little windex and use the mirror to decorate your newlywed home.

Be creative with your wine bottles

Hold onto the bottle after you polish off your favorite wine–there are endless clever craft ideas that you can do with a wine bottle (and the corks). Here are a few of our favorite ideas to explore:

• Use empty wine bottles to hold your flower bouquets.
• Soak and scrub the labels off your wine bottles, then use a chalk marker to write table numbers on the bottles and use them as table markers.
• Use corks as cute place card holders for each table setting.
• Invest in a glass cutter and make your wine bottles into vases or glasses that can hold flowers, candy, and other decorative objects or treats.

Create a fun beverage bar

Shave a few bucks off your catering bill by creating a decorative and functional self-serve beverage station. First, fill attractive glass pitchers or beverage dispensers with lemonade, tea, or your cocktail of choice, then throw in a few lemon wheels, pieces of fruit, and fresh herbs to turn these beverage dispensers into works of art. Next, set up colorful bowls or mason jars with options of garnishes that guests can add to each beverage, such as additional fruit slices, sugar cubes, herbs, flowers and even candy. Guests will have fun both looking at your beautiful set-up and creating their own unique drink to sip on while they celebrate.