4/20 Gift Ideas From The Mercantile

4/20 Gift Ideas from The Mercantile

Why is April 20th a smoker’s holiday? According to urban legend, the number “420” was first associated with marijuana in the 1970’s when a group of highschoolers after school at 4:20 p.m. to search for a field of weed. They never found it, but over time “4:20” became code for a time to smoke, and people across the country began smoking at this time of day and on April 20th. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite funny gifts to help your favorite potheads celebrate this unofficial holiday.

1. I’m So High and Best Buds Gum

Although it doesn’t contain CBD or THC, these adorable boxes of mint-flavored gum will get a chuckle out of your favorite smokers. Each box contains 8 pieces of candy-coated gum and could be repurposed as a fun stash box when you’ve emptied it.

2. Little Black Book of Marijuana

The THC-curious to experienced marijuana veterans alike will love this guide to weed through the centuries. Starting with pot culture in ancient Greece to how it exists in our world today, this little guide book provides a quick, easy and fun crash course in the history and development of marijuana use throughout time.It also gives you details about what you need to know about using weed, including side effects, risks and benefits, identifying pot varieties, legal issues surrounding the herb and many more useful facts.

3. Cannabis Review Logbook

Keep track of your marijuana adventures and experiences with this Cannabis Review Logbook. This handy book has a template to help you remember and rank your favorite medicinal and recreational experiences. This book contains a template to record the variety and strain, method of consumption, descriptives, THC and CBD percentage, amount and effects of your smoke sessions. The durable hardcover binding makes this log double as an attractive and conversation-starting coffee table book.

4. Ceramic Stash Jars

You won’t want to hide your stash if you keep it hidden in these adorable and witty stash jars. Adorned with quirky graphics and puns, these on-trend ceramic jars come with a tight-seal rubber top to keep your herbs protected from light and the elements so they stay fresh for months on end.

5. Weed Farm to Table Apron

When you’re whipping up your favorite batch of bud brownies, cannabutter or tea, this apron will keep your outfit looking sharp while setting the mood with a funny depiction of a farmer with a very particular crop. This soft and extra sturdy apron is made with washable cotton twill, has pockets to stash your tools and adjustable ties and neck straps to keep you comfy while you cook.

6. Sorry We’re Stoned Doormat

Let guests know why you won’t be answering the door on the 20th–or what you’ll be doing when they come inside–with this funny doormat that lets your guests know “sorry, we’re stoned” when they arrive. Made with color safe ink, this funny mat can greet guests inside or outdoors.